Our Approach

Evaluation Approach

Dr. Edstrom specializes in and operates from a school neuropsychological perspective, in which the neurobiological bases of learning and behavior are acknowledged. Neuroscience research across a variety of disciplines is mounting, offering insights into childhood disorders and challenges and greater precision for intervention and subsequent success.

Each child is seen within the context of his or her family, culture, and community. Dr. Edstrom also incorporates a strengths-based approach in which children’s unique strengths and interests are identified and capitalized upon in intervention planning.

Treatment Approach

In psychotherapy, Dr. Edstrom uses a developmental and systems perspective that recognizes children’s stage of development and the influence of family and cultural factors. Cognitive behavioral interventions are employed to stimulate change in children’s problematic thinking and behavior and build their repertoire of skills. At the same time, she relies on a positive psychology approach to promote positive traits, strengths, and relationships.

Parent consultation involves psychoeducation, skill building, and an orientation toward solutions and positive change. Finally, a focus on common goals, communication, and partnership guides her work with parents and schools in the service of improving children’s school success.